The Deepdene estate was once home to pioneering garden designers like Charles Howard and taste-makers in style and architecture like Thomas Hope.

This project uncovered and restored key features of these beautiful remains. The unique Hope Mausoleum was literally dug out of the ground and its courtyard restored to beauty. The stunning architectural features of the Gardens, the Grotto and Embattled Tower, were conserved and repaired. Finally the wonderful Parterre, a feature of the Gardens for over 300 years, and many of the historic paths of Deepdene were reinstated.

Volunteer work

Essential in bringing the Deepdene estate to life and keeping it going in future are our amazing volunteers from the local community. In particular the Friends of Deepdene who cut paths by hand, excavated historic features and help restore the historic parkland. Volunteers also worked on an oral history project and the walks team at Dorking Museum provide fantastic guided tours with their volunteer guides.

Activities and events

Events and activities were used to engage and inspire the local community to enjoy and take pride in the Trail. Over 70 guided walks and talks were delivered. Families enjoyed seasonal events such as Coady the lion’s Easter egg adventure, Halloween hunts, Shakespearean Drama at Deepdene and Christmas celebrations. Creative activities like art competitions and embroidery workshops inspired artists young and old. Educational groups including schools, cubs and scouts tested and used our new resources to learn more about Deepdene on the Trail.


Our family-friendly Deepdene Trail App created as part of the project to help visitors explore the estate has already been downloaded almost 2,500 times free from the Apple App and Google Play store.

Our Trail website informs new visitors, keeps updated with what’s on and provides resources for those who want to learn more. Our amazing Virtual Tour at Dorking Museum allows you to explore the Deepdene as it was in 1825 with this beautiful recreation.