Have a question about The Deepdene trail? Hopefully we can help you answer it below.

Where can I park?

There is no parking at the main entrance to The Deepdene Trail. It is a walking trail with some hills and uneven parts.

We suggest the following car parks that take coins for payment or can be paid via the RingGo service.

Reigate Road (Dorking Halls) – RH4 1SD 15 minutes walk to The Trail

St Martin’s Walk – RH4 1DX 20 Minute walk to The Trail

For more information about car parks in Dorking, visit Mole Valley District Council’s website.

If only visiting Betchworth Park and Castle a small free car park (max 6 paces) is available off Punchbowl Lane closer to this section of the Trail. From the cockerel round about travel west towards Brockham on the A25 until you reach the cemetery on your left. Punchbowl Lane is on the right after the Tesco express. Travel along the lane for 400 yards. The car park is on the left opposite the entrance to Ladyegate Road.

If starting from Brockham there is free parking around the Green and village.

Is it free to enter?


When can I visit?

It is open all year round between dawn and dusk.

Can I bring my dog?

Yes! We are happy for dogs to use The Trail. We just ask that dogs are kept on leads in the Gardens, Terrace and at the Dorking and Betchworth Golf Clubs and that dog owners clear up any dog mess suitably. Please see Visitors with Dogs for more information.

Can I cycle around The Trail?

In short we ask that you do not. The new paths have been repaired and renewed as a historic walking Trail and whilst we welcome everyone, we are not recommending that anyone cycles The Trail.

We are aware there are many beautiful cycling opportunities throughout Mole Valley that are better suited to cycling than The Deepdene Trail.

Will my children be able to scoot round it?

The Trail is not suitable for children’s scooters. There is much uneven ground and grassy parts on The Trail which will inevitably mean that much more carrying of scooters than scooting would be required.

How do I book a guided tour?

Dorking Museum walking guides provide guided tours of the Deepdene Trail including exclusive access to the Mausoleum.

To keep up to date with all the news about The Trail please do check out our Facebook and Twitter pages

Is there disabled access to The Trail?

The paths of this historic Trail cover both hills, steep slopes and plenty of uneven ground, therefore we are not able to say that The Trail is currently easily accessible for all.

Our Access Statement is available on the Accessing The Trail page which provides full descriptions of getting to the Trail and the conditions on the Trail to help visitors make the best of their visit.

There are two parking spaces close to the Hope Mausoleum, location shown on our trail map, for visitors that have mobility issues to better approach this part of the site.

We have met with volunteers from the local access group to discuss how we can make The Trail more accessible. The natural topography and historic significance of the landscape restricts the degree to which we can alter the site, e.g. the degree to which we can smooth out slope gradients or insert bannisters. However we are working hard over the course of this two year project to provide the highest level of access possible within those natural topography and existing landscape restrictions.

Is there anywhere to get food and drink on The Trail?

Teas, coffees, soft drink, snacks and ice creams are available to be purchase from Dorking Golf Club, situated close to the Mausoleum.

Visitors on a longer walk can also visit the village of Brockham for refreshments or venture into Dorking Town Centre where there are a range of excellent independent cafes, restaurants and pubs.

Everyone is also welcome to bring a picnic! Please just remember to take any litter home.

Are there toilets on site?

Dorking Golf Club offers toilets and baby changing facilities to visitors on The Trail.

Will I be able to sit down there?

There are benches scattered about the Gardens and Terrace perfect for a break to enjoy the views or have a spot of lunch. However please do check the times and distances on the map as well as our detailed Access Statement if you have any concerns about managing the walk.

I’d like to volunteer with The Friends of Deepdene, how do I do that?

If you would like to volunteer with The Friends of Deepdene, please email thedeepdenetrail@molevalley.gov.uk or call 01306 885001.

I would like to donate money to future projects on The Deepdene Estate, who should I talk to?

Please call us directly on 01306 885001 or email us at thedeepdenetrail@molevalley.gov.uk.

Can I hold an event on The Deepdene Trail?

We will consider requests for events, please email thedeepdenetrail@molevalley.gov.uk with your proposed idea.

Who do I tell if I see someone damaging The Trail?

If you do see The Trail being damaged in any way please contact the Mole Valley District Council Parks team at 01306 885001.

Can I fly a drone over The Trail land?

The use of drones is a developing topic and is regulated by the Civil Aviation Authority.

Drones should not be flown over people and as The Trail is not staffed we have no way of guaranteeing at any time that it will be safe for them to be used on The Trail.

We also have concerns that pilots of drones do not necessarily have suitable insurance if their drone were to cause damage, or injure somebody on The Trail.

Therefore we ask that only our own contractors who are regulated and insured fly drones over The Trail.

Once more guidance is issued by the Civil Aviation Authority we will review our position on this.

Have a question we haven’t answered here?

Please either call us on 01306 885001 or email thedeepdenetrail@molevalley.gov.uk and we will be happy to help.